Sumit is a Full Stack Developer, Data Analyst and UI/UX Designer.
I do design and develop products, websites, web applications and mobile apps and analyze and visualize data to make a better decision.


I am a Full Stack Developer, Data Analyst and UI/UX designer, passionate about improving lives through design and development.

I use HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, ReactJS, Express in NodeJS, MongoDB, WordPress, PHP for Full Stack Development. For data analysis, I use MySQL, Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Scikit, and Matplotlib. Likewise, for mockups, prototypes and design, I use Figma, AdobeXD, Balsamiq, Adobe Creative Clouds.

Furthermore, I have learned many concepts, processes, and theories which helped me develop my communication, organization, and collaboration skills while handling clients.

Besides, I also invest my time enhancing my knowledge by reading blogs, attending various events and workshops happening around the world and developing various websites and applications.

Other than development and design, I love traveling and playing football, basketball.

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